NO MORE REDUCING OMMA! “Petition” to Oregonians and State Legislators by the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation: NO MORE REDUCING OMMA! Damn the ignorance of the politician who tries to keep me in bed!

Medical marijuana works for me and its’ time to stop the hype, crime and cruelty of keeping my medicine away from patients like me.  Please sign this petition so patients can be heard in-spite of the hideous practice of placing an “emergency clause” on medical marijuana bills. 

As an advocate and patient of OMMA, I want to show Oregon Legislators how important it is that patients, their registered volunteers (caregiver and person responsible for the grow site) and our Dispensary supply system are patient focused!    

 Did you know as of 1-2017, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has lost over 30,000 growers that were helping patients.  That’s 30,000 patients without a medicinal garden producing medicine for them!                                                     

 Patients and Oregon Medical Marijuana Supporters “join us” in telling the OR Legislators NO MORE!!!

NO MORE… Kicking registered sick and dying out-of-state patients and their gardens off our program! These people are sick and need their gardens and medicine just like the rest of us!

NO MORE outlawing our extract and concentrates. Rick Simpson Oil cures cancer and is the best way for patients to maintain a medicinal Cannabinoid level in their body. The recipe is free and on the world-wide-web for all to see. Thousands have made the RSO and cured their conditions. The entire country of Spain announced RSO cures cancer.   SB-511 made “Extracts” illegal for OMMP cardholders to make, but is legal if its’ container has a state processor or dispensary label and the state gets revenue from its’ sale.

 NO MORE regulations or further restrictions for continuing the “Opt-out” category for cities and counties. We’ve endured this harsh cruelty long enough. It is time for “opt-outs” to stop! 

Patient private gardens should be able to offset their garden expenses thru sharing, donations, bartering, trading and reimbursement with other registered Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders.

 NO MORE loss of civil liberties for participating in marketing excess medicine from patient gardens to state dispensary. Private gardens should not be under reporting monthly or declaring water source for watering the garden.  OMMP cardholders’ are not criminals and should not be inspected like big commercial grows are!  

NO MORE tearing up OMMA at every legislative session. A Cannabis Commission to protect the medical marijuana patient and establish sub-committee for Research and cannabis clinicians is needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ever since OMMP put millions from patient OMMP registration fees into the Oregon General Fund, patients have had no avenue to voice their objections to what our Legislators decided among themselves to do to us and our program. Legislators have put an “emergency clause” on marijuana legislative so This stops people from being allowed to oppose the bill by filing a referendum.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act of 1998’s spirit was and still is, that medical marijuana is a medicine and should be available to registered patients in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

It is essential that Oregon’s medical marijuana program is patient focused, medicine is available state-wide, and is better than our beloved OMMA of 1998 was. OMMA of 1998 was born of a people’s initiative, grassroots action, sick and dying patients and our caring families and friends making the impossible happen! 

SB-1085 in 2005, reset OMMA to work for the patients. With all the changes, OMMA needs to be reset again, but stronger than ever for all of us!         

 Support the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation by becoming a Supporting Member or ordering your “Let’s Do It Again” raffle tickets at: OregonMMJ.word under Donate button. 

I personally have seen what the patients can do to help others once they feel the relief medical marijuana gives them.  Please sign and get other supporters to sign!

God Bless!   Stormy Ray, President of SRCF  >On the front line for patients since the beginning!

 Bio:    Stormy Ray has been active in the movement to legalize marijuana for the purposes of medical treatment for over a decade in Oregon. She was a Co-Chief Petitioner for Measure 67 that became the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA) in 1998. The Stormy Ray Cardholders” Foundation is a non-profit Oregon medical marijuana information and support organization dedicated to helping patients utilize this law.  Stormy has served on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) Advisory Committee. She has served on the Oregon State Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Council for two Governors (6 ½ years), and the Federal Disabilities Advisory Board for 4 years. As president of Malheur Butte Productions, a non-profit disabilities awareness organization, Stormy works to improve access, inclusion, and awareness for Oregonians with disabilities. The Foundation name has been changed to the Stormy Ray Cardholders” Foundation (SRCF).

 GOOD Read…not really, it’s sad: 

Wikipedia’s Search on Marijuana in Oregon: 101 marijuana bills in Oregon since 2009.

Recent Study published 1-13-2017                                                                                                                                                                                                     The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a comprehensive report today acknowledging that “conclusive or substantial evidence” exists for cannabis’ efficacy in patients suffering from chronic pain, and sharply criticized longstanding federal regulatory barriers to…

http://                                             While members of the public may make their own marijuana concentrates, edibles, or other cannabinoid products for personal consumption, it is still illegal to process marijuana extract without a license issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or Oregon Health Authority.                                                                                                                        

The entire opinion is available here : http://


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