Dorothy stood up for You and Me!

Dorothy-Burrows-L-Nyssa-City-Council This pretty Lady told Nyssa City Councilman things are not acceptable as history has already proved! Councilman, it’s not nice to upset your city residents!!! She’s counting on you doing better! So am I!!!

See OMMP’s Statistical Snapshot

OMMP-Statistical-Snapshot-Oct-15-2015   With 78,045 Patients registered there’s a huge “Monetary Savings” for the State of Oregon! Can you post your guess at how much that could be each year in a comment? clue: Savings would include: Reduction of costs for no longer needed prescription drugs, unnecessary medical professional treatments, reduced ER Toxicity over doses, reduced suicides…

MMJ Poll at Argus Observer Newspaper

No medicine store in town or county lets the “good old boy” black market make plenty of bounty!  Patients need access to their MMJ medicine!!!                                                            …

The Muppets: Devil Went Down to Jamaica

Click here to see The Muppets: Devil went Down to Jamaica! These gut-giggles will give you the education that you need!!! Tell others, they need to see this too.

Check out ‘Solar System 2.0’ by DjSadhu!

Solar System 2.0 really challenges the 2-dimensional model we were taught in school.  What do you think after watching this?  Comment so all can see and comment back.  Don’t forget to follow posting and share with others!