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Please share and sign our petition to help make a change to the current(and outdated!) marijuana laws! It’s time we stand together. Who’s with me?  

Looking for Affordable Growing Equipment?

Do you or anyone you know have an interest in growing and need some new equipment? Check this out: We know someone who has some new and used growing equipment and is ready to sell. We have timers, exhaust fans, water heaters, AirStone, fertilizer injectors, filters, light tracks, CO2 timers for tanks, and MORE!  You…

Operation Cannabis, anyone??? :)

Is there a buzzer going off? Many of us have experienced something similar! Talk to the foundation, (SRCF- @ 541-889-5030) find out how medicinal Marijuana can help you or a loved one. Together we can help spread the healing powers of medicinal Marijuana.

Doctor Days at THC in Ontario, Oregon (September)

Need an appointment to verify you have a qualified condition for an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card? Call these kind folks! Tranquil Horizons Co-Operative, (THC) Good morning everyone! Don’t forget  Doctor will be in Ontario on September 24th from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm for new and renewal of Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders. Dr….

“Patients Can” Mitrating Booklet

2017-Mitating-Booklet-Number-2of3-Master-Copy-pdf Patients set up their MMC (Marijuana Medicinal Cycle) Intake Chart. Which Cannabinoids do YOU NEED?

NO MORE REDUCING OMMA! “Petition” to Oregonians and State Legislators by the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation: NO MORE REDUCING OMMA! Damn the ignorance of the politician who tries to keep me in bed! Medical marijuana works for me and its’ time to stop the hype, crime and cruelty of keeping my medicine away from patients like me.  Please…

Join SRCF and the Work We Do!

Hope this ‘hello’ finds you doing well! Dear Cannabis Supporters,       Can you afford to give the Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation your support? Our medical marijuana program is being eliminated step-by-step without knowing what this medicine and program means to us. We are working with legislators to develop a Cannabis Commission bill to…

420Ville, You Did It! Open for Customers at 210W Washington St in Huntington!

It’s truly a “Relief” for the patients and adults over 21. It’s “OPEN”!!! Refreshing to see and visit this Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility in downtown Huntington, OR.   Serving “OMMP” cardholders and “legalization” adults over 21!  For delightful and good mmj information on strains and available medables, view “” and visit 420Ville: at 210…